Who We Are | GPA Trust

“When generations decide to make the society better”

Pt Gaya Prasad Awasthi Charitable Trust is a Non – Profit Organization working for the betterment of people since generations. It came into existence on 29th April 2010 and was formed in the loving memory of Late Pt. Gaya Prasad Awasthi, who was the first person in the family to help people without any expectation of returns. He believed that “Helping others will not earn you money but will definitely bring you immense peace and satisfaction”.
Keeping his spirit alive, founder and wife (of Gaya Prasad Awasthi) Late Ram Pyari Awasthi ji started her journey with GPA Trust, adamant to serve the society.

After her sad demise, GPA Trust is now handled by the next generation of Awasthi family, who are determined to help people with necessities, children with education and society with the best future.

GPA Trust started from Lucknow with the support of Lucknow Municipal Corporation, and is aimed fiercely to provide the best in other cities as well.

We know that around 50 percent of the population does not have clean water in their reach. Keeping this intact in mind, Pt Gaya Prasad Awasthi Charitable Trust is determined with a new initiative of Clean Drinking Water which aims in providing Pure, Purified and Cool Water to the locals of the city.